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We also offer free phone introductions to get to know us and ask any questions about our services and referral sources.  You can also attend on of our free informative seminars, and do it yourself books and workbooks to make this fit your personal style.

The Living Trust Co. was created to provide general information on estate planning documents like wills, durable powers of attorney, and revocable living trusts. To understand what estate planning services you may need, you need to start with a basic knowledge of the probate system and today’s legal and tax environment. Our goal is to provide information, resources, and referrals so that you can make your own informed decisions regarding your estate planning needs. 

​We provide our clients with quality estate planning preparation services at affordable prices. Our LDAs are registered and bonded to provide these service in the safest and a most trusted manner. Our LDAs are also CA Notary licensed and have completed background checks through the state of California notary requirements. 

As Legal document Assistants we do not offer any legal advice or explanations of legal matters. However, we assist clients in preparing documents based on the information provided. But we go beyond legal documents and provide the extra touches that you might not have thought of, such as providing our clients with beneficial forms to help their families when the time comes to address their Trust. The forms we provide, are for our clients to keep and they never share them with us, but include such things as listing who they want their family to contact if they are in the hospital or pass away, listing of accounts and passwords that their trustee could use to close all accounts, veteran clients are encouraged to list their medals, military history and other aspects of their careers they want to share with their family or would assist them in a eulogy. We offer these in addition to Trust Preparation, to help your family from an emotional perspective at a difficult time, as a thoughtful gesture for them to have. We will hold your hand through the whole process.

We recognize this is a very personal matter and treat each client, (or prospective client), with the dignity they deserve and a true interest in their lives. We always go the extra mile and listen to our clients’ stories, from stories about grandchildren’s graduations to past careers and other achievements. We speak slow and loud for those that ask, and we repeat as many as times as it takes. And we speak fast for those that are faster paced. We listen, we care, and there is no maximum time allotted to our conversation, the cost is one flat rate. Our clients are fascinating individuals with wonderful stories of accomplishment, independence, and also trials and failures. Each person is a valued person and has an amazing story. It is our honor that you might share it with us. Our flat rate pricing assures the security of total expenses, and we bring our heart to every conversation. 

We even refer many of our clients to attorneys who specialize in Trusts, Tax experts or business consultants for complicated matters so they have the correct information and advice prior to working with us and making their final decisions. For those that are comfortable researching and learning, we provide current and approved brochures that explain topics related to these documents and allow each client to be in control and understand the aspects of their decision. If you feel you could do this yourself but could use a little help to make sure it is done correctly, then we may be the right answer for you. If you want to work with people that care, speak in easy to understand terms, and have no hidden costs, then we are definitely the answer for you!

As a member of CALDA, we strive to learn and grow with you, provide accurate and up to date information. Our goal is to be a resource to you, and create a safe environment to complete your Living Trusts when you are ready, and refer you to expert and resources for all your needs. We realize this is a difficult topic and it is our intent to be caring document preparers and make this difficult topic, easier and even joyful to address. Cheers to you and all you have experienced. Celebrate Lyfe!

The Living Trust Company